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Current Scenario of Business Search Engines in UAE

Change is the most essential and unavoidable aspect of business and somehow internet is now ruling the marketing world. Google is the name that is synonymous with internet search considering its dominance, but business specific search engines continue to rise every now and then. The concept of Search Engine Marketing has replaced traditional marketing extensively, with the former dealing with enhancing a business website’s online presence in popular search engine results.

Since the year 1973, UAE has been subjected to tremendous change and most of it has been positive so far for the business verticals. UAE is now the new business hotspot, which is why the Dubai Expo 2020 has been generating rave reviews lately for all the right reasons. These circumstances have offered businesses a new dimension and also has generated high competition levels, thereby increasing the need for dependable reinforcements – and that came in forms of business search engines and a strong online presence or visibility.

“The concept of business search engine took UAE by storm…”

Unites Arab Emirates is a growing market wherein several businesses are trying to flourish at the same time while many are waiting for the right moment. The current scenario of business search engines is highly competitive as businesses are investing heavily on white-hat online marketing activities. These online activities are somehow linked to business search engines, which is more like a directory for the commoner to look-up a business on the internet.

“Because everyone wants to be on the internet now…”

Compared to outdated marketing mediums, business search engine marketing proves cost-effective and promising in terms of quick results. The lowest budget with search engine marketing activities start from $10 while direct mail marketing can cost up to $70, just to give you an idea of what difference we mean to highlight. The budget can differ from business to business but the effectiveness still rules in favour of search engine marketing and business search engines.

Business search engines in UAE are no more a new or an unfamiliar concept because clients or prospective customers do look up on the internet whenever they are in a buying stage. Business search engines not only reduce the browsing time but also assist in streamlining products and services from a specific business, thereby making online life much easier.

“Swimming with the sharks…”

Business search engines have successfully lowered the entry level barrier for small businesses. Moreover, new entities are already moving toe to toe with some of the leading giants of the market. Having a strong online presence offers you bragging rights in front of your customers. Lately, many businesses are paying attention to their online marketing activities in coordination with their offline efforts as well. Nevertheless, Business search engines in UAE are still on a developing curve and we hope to see the next level internet marketing very soon, wherein businesses will be looking forward to a dominant online stand along with a dependable offline presence as well.

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