7 Qualities That Make Effective Leaders (Infographic)

Leadership is like a guiding light that has the power to transform lives. Powerful leaders are those godly figures who are gifted with a natural talent and some have acquired the attributes. Now when we speak of natural talent, that is something that comes from a Lion-like legacy – a trait that is born with, whereas the acquired ones are those who gained the leadership from their long and exhaustive experience.

A peek into the pages of history, reveals that the greatest leaders of the world had a set of common personality traits. From Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi, you can find character similarities between the two. In a way they both were heroes and honest – a hero has to be an honest person or no one would believe or trust them. They both were brave and they stood the test of violence and slavery. Bravery also means they were creative enough to think different and go the path less travelled. So, the point is that leaders – be it from any part of the world, at any given era in time, certainly have something in common.

Here is an Infographic which visualizes seven qualities that a true leader possesses:




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